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The Limitless Possibilities of Solar Power

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Residential solar power has come a long way from powering calculators to small electronics and now our homes, businesses and possibly the country. Currently roof top solar panels are dominating the solar industry and have become its flag carrier.

The demand for rooftop solar PV has increased at a staggering rate because ofits energy efficiency capabilities and financial benefits. This increase in demand has led to countless of breakthroughs that continue to develop the technology, making it cheaper and more efficient.


The federal government of Australia supports the use of  solar power in homes, offices, buildings and every infrastructure that uses electricity through a series of programs that helps every Australian to make the switch to solar power. This is because it is the most cost effective way to save on their electricity costs and reducetheir carbon emissions as well.

But apart from rooftop solar PV, other applications of solar are starting to be popular.

Cars; although mostly solar powered cars are only prototypes currently and not yet available in the market for road use, the technology is starting to be extensively developed. The renowned Australian Solar race from Darwin to Adelaide is one large international event which has paved way for many innovations in the application of solar in transportation.

Ships; the PlanetSolarTuranor, the largest vessel powered by solar is now circumnavigating the world to prove that solar energy can be used for any means of transportation. Shipping accounts for 5of worldwide carbon emissions, so this is an important area for further development.

Many other clever ideas have been born in the boom of the solar industry. Solar powered trash cans which automatically compress the garbage are now being tested in the streets of Santa Cruz. Mobile phones can now be charged through a solar powered charger. Electronic devices of Australian soldiers are also now being tested for solar power integration to keep them charged while in the field.

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Inventor Markus Kayserhas developed a solar powered 3D printer able to sinter layers of sand to create 3D parts in glass. This invention marks the entry of solar in arts and media.

The possible applications of solar power areliterally limitless because of its flexible scaling ability that enables it power anything from a calculator to an entire building.

Every invention and innovation that we hear from the news is an exciting sign that we are progressing nearer to our clean energy goals.

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